Camera interview; Larry Scott discusses CU and Pac-10...sort of

I thought this was an interesting interview with the PAC man. Don't get your hopes up yet sport fans we're not going west yet!  Scott adresses  what the pac 10 wants out of its expansion and what it requires from its invitees.  here's a sample

What qualities does a school have to possess for the Pac-10 to consider inviting it to the conference?

“Well. We're starting the analysis by looking at the volume that would get added to the Pac-10 potentially, and that's why a deeper level of rigorous analysis is now going to start. So first and foremost, we're looking at the value proposition in terms of our media reach and the revenues that would flow to the conference. That is twinned with the fact that the current NCAA regulations you have to have 12 teams in your conference to have a football championship. So in parallel, we're analyzing what the potential value of a football championship would be to our conference. That is first and foremost what our analysis is centered around. We're also looking, of course, at athletic excellence and academics.”

How significant are the academic reputation and performance of possible candidates?

“It will be of paramount importance to our presidents. Seven of our 10 schools are AAU research institutions and the other three are very high Carnegie Research institutions. Our conference very much prides itself on its academic excellence twinned with athletic excellence. We're a conference that is proud to have some of the finest academic and research institutions in the country and some of the most esteemed, and some of those schools happen to also be some of the most prolific athletically. The Pac-10 is a conference that has won more NCAA championships than any other. So it's these twin goals of athletic and academic excellence which are the DNA of the Pac-10 conference. We're looking for that academic, cultural and athletic fit, and that will be the lens that this all gets looked at from.”

CU of course more than meets these expectations

 Scott's willingness to sit down with boulders paper is encouraging.  To my knowledge he has not given an interview with another college on the expansion list, local newspaper or tv station.  granted giving an interview with a possible expansion target's local paper doesn't mean we should start packing our bags.

Here's the link

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