Dan Hawkins era = OVER!

Am I right? I know this isn't the first time I've said this but there's no way they keep him after another monumental bed-$hitting like this. No offense to Missouri, but they aren't any good (just like Cal). NU is gonna beat them by 30+. This was totally a winnable game but we did exactly what we always do on the road: play horrible on special teams, play horrible on offense, and while the defense always shows up to play they can only do so much for so long. We hadn't been shut out in like 20 years before Hawkins got here, right? And now we've been shut out in embarrassing fashion the last two times we went to Columbia (at least they had a really talented team in 2008). Oh, and why was Tyler pulled? I know he wasn't playing great, but it wasn't all his fault and why Cody now and not against Cal or something? Of course Cody came in and played like Cody (forcing throws, throwing picks, throwing other balls that should of been picked, and getting balls knocked down at the line of scrimmage). I can't wait to read the interviews cause Tyler looked pissed. We better not have a QB controversy again.

Lemmie give some shout-outs to my two favorite CU whipping boys:

Pat Mahnke. Will someone teach this guy how to finish plays!?! First he gives that guy a love tap towards the sideline instead of pushing him out and he gains another 10 yards. Then he spends the rest of the game just "bumping into people" instead of actually wrapping them up.

Aric Goodman. You're done bro, turn in your playbook. That's what I would be saying if I was the special teams coach. But of course I'm not the special teams coach. I would rather watch Castor (or whoever else we can find walking around Boulder) get kicks blocked the rest of the year than ever see Goodman line up for a FG again. Oh, and I hate to criticize a guy who is just a redshirt freshman, but Grossnickle stinks. The 30 yard punt average just isn't cutting it. When you have an offense as anemic as we do you can't loose 15 yards of field position every time the teams exchange possession.

I know there was a lot of talk this week about "hey, we're 3-1, hardly anyone thought we'd be 3-1, stop being so negative!" I'll be the first to admit I predicted 2-3 at this point and we're 3-2 but screw that. We're exactly what I thought we'd be. We beat an awful CSU team, despite the final score indicating otherwise we we're very lucky to beat a mediocre Hawaii team at home (if they hadn't shot themselves in the foot repeatedly in the 1st half I don't think we would of won) and had an emotional close victory over a decent team in Georgia. I'm not gonna be one of the people that poo-poo the Georgia win because I know they are a very talented team, but we're always good for one "unexpected" home win a year. That doesn't make up for the other 6 or 7 games where we play like absolute crap. I remember someone posting on here that we would be favored at Kansas. Yeah right! We're the worst road team in the country and I'd be shocked if we won a game outside of Folsom the rest of the year.

I can't take this anymore!! But right now I am very confident Hawkins will not be back next year, so at least there's that.

Oh, and I get sick to my stomach whenever I look at Utah box scores. If we hadn't signed Clark Evans Wynn would probably be starting for us now (or was it the fact Cody was still on the roster?). Whatever it was it makes me ill.

Rant over. Sorry, was at a friends place watching the game so I didn't get to vent my frustrations in the game chat.

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