The Buffs CO's #1 team: A Dream

I had to work last night or this morning i guess till 3:00 am and i have had waaaaay too much coffee so i decided to unwind a little and write this idea my coworkers and i were discussing over the past week

i had an interesting discussion a several nights ago concerning the lack of support for CU football and the university itself statewide.  We all have heard the antipathy expressed towards CU atheltics from Colorado citizens and unfortunatley from alums and students. The results on the field the last five years undoubtabley contribute to this attitude, but these people who scoff and mock the program need to face the facts CU needs a good football program, it does the university no good to have a wretched one.sorry im preaching to the choir and am straying from my original purpose.

    Its frequently brought up in the media and on the rr that CU is no Texas, Oklahoma, , etc. in terms of fan, community, and state support; yet  no one really adresses why these programs become so dominant and have such broad support. Texas is my prime example; UT is undoubtabley Texas' team.  (i base the following on my subjective expierence growing up in Dallas Tx).

when i was in middle school and highschool around the turn of the century
Texas was really not the big deal in Texas (at least in my neck of the woods)  sure they were the states team but they were no where near where they are now in terms of fan support. Now id wager 70 percent of texans have some sort of UT crap in their closet, 5 years a go maybe 45.  Back then they were second fiddle, i dont mean in the conference i mean in fondness and fanatiscm to the cowboys.  Texans expect and love good football and the Cowboys were providing it for them, the horns were an afterthought.  But the cowboys started to suck and i mean really suck.  Alot of die hard fans were getting sick of it, my dad and brother for instance, were die hard cowboysfans, i mean they would scream at
the tv at the topof their lungs when the boys lost! it was kinda scary, really turned me off to liking jerry's team.  When UT started winning big around 04 they and everyone else, shifted this passion towards the second option, UT.  I mean it got pretty riddiculous die hard aggies, red raiders and the even some of the archnemisi sooners were donning burnt orange. something that would have been unthinkable several years earlier, certainly would have been a capital crime during the SWC. My brother has since gone back to the boys but not my dad (a titans fan now because of Vince Young) anyways..
I submit to you this theory;when the cowboys began there epic sucking fans who had been spoiled by the 90s years latched on to the longhorns who as the cowboys declined began to play championship football the horns essentially usurped the cowboys as top love in the State.  
    Now lets get back to colorado.  Coloradans like Texans, love good football and the states loyality is undoubtabley with the Broncos.  Unlike UT and the ,the Broncos and the Buffs were kicking ass really around the same time. There was no inverse relationship like there was with UT. Right now both Buffs and Broncos are in the gutter. unless Tim Tebows the messaiah i dont see the Broncos being back on top any time soon. CU however has a golden opportunity.  With a new conference and a new coach (please god bohn hire the right guy!)  CU has an opportunity to rise out of
the hawks ashes and regain their spot as a top 20 dare i say top ten program. CU can usurp the Broncos positionin the hearts and minds of Coloradans. CU needs to make the right hire and get back on top and the broncos need to continue to suck.  after maybe in the next five years the Buffs continueed ask kicking and the broncos continued sucking CU will become COs team and have fan support at least on Par with broncos.  Still not Texas sized in terms of support but respectable and much much better than how we're doing now! i realize im making alot of assumptions, post hocs, and probably a host of other errors but i just wanted to share with you all my crazy sleep deprived dream!
GO Buffs!
beat those okies!  

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