Who's our next coach (gave us a lot of choices)

Was too depressed last night and did a little research but had work, so here goes....

1. Charlie Strong

- UF Defensive Coordinator

Years Title Location
2008-Present Defensive Coordinator, Linebacker Coach & Associate Head Coach Florida
2005-2007 Co-Defensive Coordinator, Linebacker Coach & Assistant Head Coach Florida
2003-2004 Defensive Coordinator & Defensive End Coach Florida
1999-2002 Defensive Coordinator South Carolina
1995-1998 Defensive Line Coach Notre Dame
1991-1994 Assistant Head Coach & Defensive Tackle Coach Florida

Has been in college his entire career.  Has been a DC in the SEC since 1999.  Knows how to build a beast of a defense at florida has been in command of that defense since '03.  I honestly believe he would jump at just about any opportunity to become a head coach because he has admitted that he does believe he hasn't gotten a college job because he is married to a white women. 

Strong, a 48-year-old black man, shook his head affirmatively when an Orlando Sentinel reporter asked him if his interracial marriage was a factor in getting passed over for jobs, including one at a Southern school a few years ago. Strong, whose wife is white, said he heard that too many times for it to be rumor.

"Everybody always said I didn't get that job because my wife is white," Strong said at media day Monday, as the Gators prepare to face Oklahoma in the FedEx BCS National Championship Game. "If you think about it, a coach is standing up there representing the university. If you're not strong enough to look through that [interracial marriage], then you have an issue."

I just don't know if he feels like he would move out West to join the Big 12.  Besides being a great DC battling in the SEC, hes is a force on the recruiting trail.  I have been pretty critical of Hawkins of not really focusing on Texas choosing to go more to California for his recruiting and while this also could be a problem with Strong, I feel much better about getting florida prospects over Cali, that is if they are ok with the cold.

Looking at his rivals page he has really only recruited Defensive players but with the success of Florida and his recruiting ability, he is a beast on the recruiting front.

*Also a huge note personally for me is that he recruited Darrell Scott for UF so I would assume that Darrell would be ok with the move.  No one player is bigger than the program but it certainly would help.

At 49 years old I truly believe that if hes ok with the weather in Boulder if the program outreaches too him, that Strong is ready to take our program to the next level.

If for some reason it isn't Strong here are some other coaches..

***These aren't in any order****


Troy Calhoun- Current AF coach

Years Title Location
2007-Present Head Coach Air Force
2006 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach Houston Texans
2005 Assistant Head Coach Denver Broncos
2004 Assistant Coach & Special Teams Coordinator Denver Broncos
2003 Assistant Coach Denver Broncos
2001-2002 Offensive Coordinator Wake Forest
1997-2000 Offensive Coordinator & Quarterback Coach Ohio
1995-1996 Quarterback Coach Ohio
1993-1994 Recruiting Coordinator & Assistant Coach Air Force
1989-1990 Assistant Coach Air Force

Right now I'm not even sure if Colorado is a step above AF.  But every time I hear this guy in an interview he impresses me more and more.  With his history with AF I think its a bit of a dream shot, but hey I thought Jeff was a pipe dream too.  This guy flat out knows coaching, with as much experience as he does.  His recruiting ability would be the only thing in question as his NFL OC & QB coach with the Texans is far above any type of coaching we have right now

Turner Gil

Years Title Location
2007-Present Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator Buffalo
2005-2006 Head Coach Buffalo
2004-2005 Assistant Coach Green Bay Packers
2002-2004 Assistant Head Coach & Receivers Coach Nebraska
1992-2002 Quarterback Coach Nebraska

I'm too young to remember him as a Husker, but I know many member have ruled him out because of his connections. All I know is the dude has turned around buffalo. BUFFALO!!

Jeremy Bates


Years Title Location
2009-Present Quarterback Coach & Assistant Head Coach (Offense) USC
2008 Quarterback Coach Denver Broncos
2006-2007 Wide Receivers Coach & Quarterback Coach Denver Broncos
2005 Quarterback Coach                                                                       New York Jets

The young pup out of this group at 33, not sure he's ready or willing to take over a program but just wanted to throw his name over there because if hes good enough to be calling plays for the Denver Broncos and USC he's good enough for me.  Also didn't like he got thrown out of Denver, but who knows.


Dave Logan

I remember his name came up several times during the last search.  Still not sure whether there wasn't any interest on his part or the universities.  He graduated from CU so I assume the interest is there on his part.  This would set up a direct pipeline to Mullen, a top 5 program in the state every yr with at least a couple D-1 athletes.


Gary Patterson

Years Title Location
2000-Present Head Coach TCU
1998-2000 Defensive Coordinator & Safety Coach TCU
1996-1997 Defensive Coordinator & Safety Coach New Mexico
1995 Secondary Coach Navy
1992-1994 Secondary Coach Utah State
1989-1991 Defensive Coordinator Sonoma State
1988 Linebacker Coach Pittsburg State
1987 Defensive Coordinator Cal Lutheran
1986 Linebacker Coach Cal-Davis
1983-1984 Linebacker Coach Tennessee Tech

Has a ton of experience as you see, and has TCU pretty regularly in the BCS buster talk.  Has been there at TCU for 11 years so I'm not sure if his family is comfortable there or whether he would want a shot at Big 12 football.  Obviously already has connections set up throughout Texas.


Brian Kelly

Years Title Location
2007-Present Head Coach Cincinnati
2004-2006 Head Coach Central Michigan
1991-2003 Head Coach Grand Valley State
1989-1990 Defensive Coordinator & Recruiting Coordinator Grand Valley State
1987-1988 Secondary Coach Grand Valley State

Nothing flashy about this guy, all he does is win.  As bad as it hurts me to say this, I don't think CU is a step up from Cincy right now for him to move.  Unless they don't have an AD worth anything, facilites that are quickly falling behind everyone and no big funders....wait thats us.


Mike Shanahan


Alright everyone get your pipe out for this dream.  Here's the only possible thing that could save us.  His long term contract is being paid for by the broncos whether hes working or not.  If he is working we could pay him a small amount and the broncos would be paying the difference making it affordable for him to come here.  I would put the chance of this move at a 0.000000000002% chance, I think Mike will have his choice of 2-3 NFL HC job next offseason, but hey, we need a dream right now.



Going through all these coaches the same thing kept coming up.  How big of step up is the HC job at CU from their current positions?  A college that doesn't have a huge fan base.  A college that doesn't have as dedicated fan base as the nat'l powers.  A college that doesn't have the facilites.  A college that doesn't have the funds for anything.  I think that to be able to pull a coach we are going to have to include a provision in their contract about getting new facilities or an opt out clause which they did to pull Jeff, and might end up costing them.


The one thing is where is our Boone Pickens, where is our Nike founder for Oregon Phil Knight.  We do have someone that could Marsico_medium


Tom Marsico, we all need to write him very nice letters to at least help us out with this 2.4 mil buyout we have to deal with before we get started with anything. 


I hadn't really heard his name on these boards before but I did some research and man, hes one hell of a human being. 

Beside being a CU grad(actually CU turned down his med school app and turned to investment and everything has been up from there.  He has donated a ton of money all over the state trying to help different causes.


He actually donated 1.5 mil back when Hawkins was announced as head coach for a multi-sport indoor practice

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