Monday Buff Bites

Colorado quarterback Cody Hawkins hands the ball off to Darrell Scott during their scimmage game in the practice dome at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado April 17, 2009. CAMERA/Mark Leffingwell

Five days, a few hours...time for the spring game. Time for your daily spring game forecast: 72 degrees, sunny and little chance of rain! has this revelation for us:

Despite losing three guys with a lot of playing experience...  This year's D-line will be no weak link.

Oh, I hope your right! I do like this comment from Bandison after the Buffs defensive line had little depth last year and seemed to tire at the end of the game (see Nebraska):

"We're trying to get at least six to eight guys that can play, that can rotate," Bandison said. "I feel like right now we're really starting to make progress towards getting to that point."

In 2008, the cornerbacks were supposed to be the weak spot on the defense but Cha'pelle Brown, Gardner McKay, Jalil Brown and Jimmy Smith solidified the position and in 2009, it is considered a strength. Let's hope this season's surprise will be the defensive line like the cornerbacks were last season.

Colorado_mediumAs was discussed below in a great fanshot by mam2jd, Michigan transfer, WR Toney Clemons, loved his trip to Boulder and still feels very high on the Buffs. He is going to visit Cincinnati and will decide his decision between the two schools in May. This would be a monstrous signing for 2010 and considering the recent signing of QB/Ath Danny Spond, that would be some solid momentum going forward.

Colorado_mediumMike Bohn has called another Town Hall meeting for April 27th to discuss the state of the athletics/football and basketball like he did in the offseason...I wonder what people will say about closing practices?

Colorado_mediumDave Matter, a Missouri beatwriter drops a Dan Hawkins reference, calling for some perspective to be shown considering this whole spring thing is essentially practice, not an event that stats should be scrutinized and run/pass ratios should be analyzed for the upcoming season.

I have zero perspective and want to see Darrell Scott run for 300 yards on Saturday. That being said, did Nebraska really allow 500 yards off offense through the air?

Colorado_mediumRockMNation, the great Missouri blog on SBNation, has an awesome two part series on how the Big 12 should rethink their scheduling process that I believe all came about by Kansas getting the shaft by playing Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech in the same two year period but then in 2007, when they went to the Orange (said Sugar, Hallux set me straight) Bowl, getting the benefit of playing at the time OSU, Baylor and Texas A&M.

Colorado_mediumCorn Nation, the great Nebraska blog on SBNation, gives their grades by position for the spring game last weekend. The quarterbacks and tight ends got some high remarks from the guys over there with the linebackers getting the worst of it. My only question is where is the grade for the over 500 yards of passing yards given up by the defense? They also give us some links for the other spring games that went on in the Big 12 on Saturday.

Check the comments too, they are comparing this Steve Watson-led offense (when did Steve Watson become the guru of college football offenses?) at Nebraska to the 2001 Colorado Buffaloes...yes, that same team who beat the Huskers 62 - 36 and went to the Fiesta Bowl after avenging a 7 - 41 loss to Texas in the Big 12 championship. You heard it here first, Nebraska is going to BCS game!

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