Live Radio Thread: 104.3 FM Talks Buffs Recruiting With

I will be taping this so if you don't catch it, no worries you can listen to it later. I thought I would put this up to give some live commentary to what Adam at says about CU recruiting. Feel free to comment and discuss the topics. Again, Adam from will be on 104.3 FM talking Buffs at 6pm MT.

Hopefully one day we can get on the air for a live show...we can dream right?

You can listen online here


6:20 PM - More questions about quarterback. When is a four or five star coming to CU. Adam says watch out for Clark Evans. Tyler Hansen still has upside. 

6:20 PM - Question about Lynn Katoa. Is he eligible. Adam says Hawkins is vague about it but as far as he knows, he is still a Buff.

6:20 PM - Talking about Seth Laboto, QB from Eaton. Might be a walk on for CU.

6:18 PM - Question about Grossnickle. Kickers

6:16 PM - Adam says these coaches work harder than any other coaches he has ever covered. Said they would be dangerous with an 8 or 9 win season.

6:14 PM - Sandy asks a question: How would you assess Hawkins recruiting since he has come here?

Adam thinks he is doing a good job given the results on the field. He doesn't think this year has been a great success.

6:14 PM - Adam can't answer questions about silent commits. It is killing me. Talking about Byron Moore next. He has a wild ride with a ton of decommitments. Adam says Moore is a heavy ND lead but the Buffs have a shot.

6:13 PM - Finally a good question. What about Simmons, Ussery and Blake!

Adams says Simmons is at Kansas State visiting so status up in the air. Blake - staff is at his house tonight (NICE). Ussery - between CU and Stanford, but sounds promising for the Buffs. Kiesau will be in his house tomorrow.

6:10 PM - Why aren't we recruiting Texas more was a question via text. He says the coaching staff doesn't have a huge connection in Texas but Adam likes who they got from Texas in Darden and Bonsu.

6:08 PM - Clark Evans talk. Nothing new on the subject...poor man's Tim Tebow.

6:05 PM - First question, of course, about Nick Kasa...will he play right away was the question?

Adam says he has a chance to play. He says that Nick was great in the Army game and that he was standing out all of the way.

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