Hope For A Big Day Today

Well, the 12+ recruits that are in Boulder today should be heading home tonight. That means commitment time. I would expect to hear at least two verbals today and possibly more. Let's see if Hawk can make a big dent today!

Colorado_mediumThe Dallas Star has put out a good look forward at 2009 with some quick synopsis of the Big 12. It is safe to believe that with the quarterbacks and talent returning, the Big 12 could have another high profile and exciting year. As for the Buffs, they believe like most, that the program looks to be turning the corner baring any injuries:

In terms of rebuilding projects, Colorado (5-7) should be close to turning the corner if the Buffaloes minimize injuries in 2009. Coach Dan Hawkins already has said a 10-win season is possible.

Colorado_mediumA good article from Kyle Ringo of the Daily Camera about Hawkins' recruiting tactics and his desire to be innovative when it comes to impressing potential Buffs:

“He always wants to be the first to do something,” said Robert Tucker, director of football operations at CU. “If we hear about someone who did something before we did, he’s upset about it. He’ll slap the table and be like, ‘Man, they got us on this one.’ He always wants to be on the cutting edge of recruiting.”

Hawkins strives to personalize and individualize the process for each recruit to the fullest extent allowable under the rules. The NCAA has done its best over the years to prohibit tactics that personalize recruiting, such as forbidding putting a prospects name on the back of a jersey or setting up a locker with the player’s name on it when that prospect visits.

Colorado_mediumI wouldn't say CU was floored by Kansas as the title of this article suggests but the Buffs continue to show the signs of being a really young team. This about sums up how the Buffs have been losing lately:

Buffs coach Jeff Bzdelik said his young team, which lost its conference opener by 45 points Wednesday night at Missouri, still hasn't learned to "value every possession and yield nothing easy."

The Buffs did neither, allowing the Jayhawks 37 points off turnovers (25 points) and second-chance baskets (12 points). Plus, Kansas shot 69.6 percent (16-for-23) from the floor in the second half.

The women's team isn't doing much better as they score only 32 points yesterday gainst Texas...who is ready for the football season?

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