What to Expect from New CSU HC Steve Fairchild...(From a Buffalo Bills' Fan)

I had made a comment in a pregame thread and one of the editors of the site asked me if I wouldn't mind throwing up a quick fanpost of what to expect from Steve Fairchild (The former OC of the Bills and newest HC of the CSU Rams).

Well considering how much disdain I have for the man from his two years in Buffalo, I am happy to oblige.

Now I can't promise I will be a 100% correct, because people can change, but based on the talent level he has at CSU, and that he had with the Bills...I am fairly certain you can expect the follow things from Steve Fairchild.

He will try to "ball control" a team using a lot of "dives" and screen plays. He is the most predictable play caller I've ever seen. Things were so bad last year that Rich Gannon (who was broadcasting a game) was able to "call out" the plays before they were even run.

Fairchild is from the Mike Martz coaching tree. So he believes in trying to create space for his players, however he tends to send multiple WR in the same general area, which makes it easy to defend against his offense.

He also doesn't believe in "audibling" so once the play call goes to the QB there is a slim to none chance the QB will check off to something else.

Look for a a lot of dump passes (especially) in 3rd and long situations, which I assume the Rams will be in a lot.

If by some chance Fairchild and Co. have a short yardage situation you can believe he will bring in 2TE and go with a jumbo package and try to get that yardage by going power for power...and usually that play gets stuffed by the bigger defensive line.

He rarely tries to trick the offense...and when he does try a trick play it will be something along the lines of a WR reverse on 3rd and 10 when the defense is playing a zone, thereby eliminating any chance to deceive a defense.

Either way, I know it will take a year or two for Fairchild to get his guys but even then I highly doubt the Buffs' defense will have a problem with an offensive "guru" ( I use that term loosely) like Fairchild...I would much rather have a guy like Dan Hawkins leading my thankful for that.

Good Luck Buffs...beat the tar outta that clown!

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