Comparing Dan Hawkins to Ron Prince, Former Kansas State Coach

As a result of Kansas State  head coach Ron Prince being removed from his post today, we decided to put a little comparative chart up that shows how Dan Hawkins has fared compared to Prince. No this is not entirely intended to say Hawkins is on the hot seat rather, Dan Hawkins and Ron Prince have always been linked because they were hired within 10 days of each other in December of 2005. That being said, many of these numbers are really close. You really have to give the experience and the "he has done it before" nod to Hawkins. His tenure at Boise State was impressive, something that Prince did not have when accepting the KSU job at 36 years of age. That being said, experience or no experience,  this chart does indeed show the coaches are pretty similar in statistics. Do these statistics necessarily equate to a coaches success? No. Some aren't even relevant. But some are definitely part of the equation. What these numbers say is next year, Hawkins needs to have a strong campaign. I am not talking 9 or 10 wins and in contention for a conference championship. I think all Buffs fans would jump right on board with a sign of progression. If this year continues as we think it will, it will be a step down from last year's six win season and a bowl appearance. I will give coach Hawkins that this year has been full of youth, inexperience, injuries, suspensions, defections and key players not playing up to their potential. I don't think that excuse/reason will fly next year. Again, The Ralphie Report is not calling for any coaching change, I still think coach Hawk is the man for the job. He may need to shake some things up to make it work but we are a full supporter of Dan Hawkins.



Dan Hawkins Comparison Ron Prince
48 Age 39
Dec 16, 2005 Date of Big 12 Hire Dec 5, 2005
3 # of Years in Big 12 3
2-10 2006 Win/Loss Record 7-6
6-7 2007 Win/Loss Record 5-7
4-5 2008 Win/Loss Record 4-5
12-22 Win/Loss 16-18
35.3% Win/Loss % 47.1%
7-14 Big 12 Win/Loss 8-13
33.3% Big 12 Win/Loss% 38.1%
Conference Championships 0
1 Bowl Appearances 1
3** Upset Wins 2**

Yes Previous D1 Head Coaching Experience No
53 - 11 Win/Loss 0
82.8% Win/Loss % 0.0%
4 Previous Bowl Appearances 0

1,100,000 Salary 1,100,000
54 DI Salary Ranking 54

32 2007 Rivals Recruiting Ranking 38
2.68 2007 Average Recruiting Stars 2.67
15 2008 Rivals Recruiting Ranking 27
3.24 2008 Average Recruiting Stars 2.94

11 5*/4* Recruited 7

102 2006 Offensive Ranking 85
72 2007 Offensive Ranking 40
100 2008 Offensive Ranking 27
91 Average Ranking 51

65 2006 Defensive Ranking 70
64 2007 Defensive Ranking 69
72 2008 Defensive Ranking 109
67 Average Ranking 83

20 - 18 3yr Record of Team Before Hire 20 - 17

Go play intramurals, brother What Each Coach is Known For Signing 19 JUCO Players
1-2 Record Against Each Other 2-1
Yes Received Contract Extension in Yr 3 Yes

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