Gameday Buff Bites

Colorado_mediumOh Mr. George Hypolite. Don't you know that the Colorado State Rams are in the Mountain West Conference?

“Every week, we have to redial,” CU defensive tackle George Hypolite said. “I guess you could say that the least productive offense we played was CSU, and they’ve been playing everybody in the WAC tough. They almost beat TCU and BYU. To say that is kind of crazy.

“Every week, we’ve dealt with a powerful offense, and Okie State is no different.”

Colorado_mediumAt least Hypolite has the game plan against OSU right:

“The key is stopping the run. If we can control the line of scrimmage and put some pressure on the quarterback, hopefully we can force some turnovers and we’ll put our offense in good situations.”

Colorado_mediumA couple guys for the Sporting News blog spent the day with Cody Hawkins this week as the Buffs prep for Oklahoma State. Once again, you find more people impressed with Cody's maturity. This is a great read.

Colorado_mediumThe Boulder Daily Camera thinks a lot like we do: this Oklahoma State team is a very similar to Missouri. And that scares them as well. One could only wish OU vs. OSU was next week, not two weeks away.

Colorado_mediumNeil Woelk of the Daily Camera goes all Dan Hawkins on us and says that injuries are the main reason to restate to goals for this Buff team:

One way to calculate the impact is this: to date, CU has lost a total of 97 "player games" to injury, with 86 of those by players who figured in either the two-deep or prominently on special teams.

Woelk now thinks the goal should be a complete game. Complete like the special teams not blowing games? Complete like not throwing interceptions in the end zone? Complete like scoring more than 14 points? I like the idea of being complete!

Colorado_mediumToday, there should be about 4 - 5 recruits in attendance based on reports from the men's basketball game tonight. The Ralphie Report only knows about two: Colorado prep 2* DB Parker Orms from Wheat Ridge and 3* DE Kevin Green. As we know about more, we will let you know.


OL Coach Grimes said guards Blake Behrens and Devin Head have had limited practice time this week because "they're so banged up. . . . They've really played through a lot."

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