Colorado Buffaloes vs. Kansas Jayhawks: A Statistical Look

Kansas Jayhawks
Mark Mangino (41-37 in six seasons)
In 2008: 4-1, 1-0 in Big 12 | Ranked #16
In 2007: 12-1, 7-1 in Big 12 (tied for first in North Division)
Returning starters: Offense—6. Defense—9. Special teams—0
Key losses: Offense— T Anthony Collins, TE Derek Fine, WR Marcus Henry, RB Brandon McAnderson, T Cesar Rodriguez. Defense — T James McClinton, CB Aqib Talib. Special teams — P Kyle Tucker, K Scott Webb.

It is now time to get over the Texas loss and look forward to our next test in Kansas. Is this tough schedule ever going to end? The Buffs might get a breather next week at home against Kansas State but then CU travels to Missouri to face the Tigers who trounced Nebraska last week even though the Nebraska players supposedly threw balls at Missouri players in pregame warmups...according to QB Chase Daniel. I wouldn't put it past Nebraska to do this but at the same time, you think someone other than Chase Daniel would be talking about this by now? My guess is Nebraska probably pee'd on Missouri too.

Below is how Kansas and Colorado match-up from a statistical point of view. Kansas doesn't have as daunting of a number advantage as Texas had last week but now we have to factor in the Buffs on the road truly for the first time this year as well as the things QB Todd Reesing can do that doesn't show up on the stat sheet. How bad do Buffs' fans wish they had a QB like Todd Reesing!

Click after the jump to see a breakdown of some key players and stats for the Jayhawks. For more stats, go to the site. It is a lot better than ESPN or CNNSI for detailed analysis of players for both teams. No I am not working for the is just better.


CU logo
CU logo
CU logo
National Category National
Rank Actual Rank Actual
92 120.6 Rushing Offense 96 118.6
72 205 Passing Offense 6 347
89 325.6 Total Offense 14 465.6
77 24.2 Scoring Offense 25 35.2
89 171.4 Rushing Defense 17 95.2
44 114.1 Pass Efficiency Defense 26 104.75
61 354.2 Total Defense 39 322.8
75 26.4 Scoring Defense 38 18.8
65 34.36 Net Punting 91 32.65
48 10.79 Punt Returns 18 16.17
53 22.32 Kickoff Returns 119 13.23
59 0 Turnover Margin T-52 0.2
36 182.8 Pass Defense 84 227.6
61 124.77 Passing Efficiency 11 160.66
46 2 Sacks T-36 2.2
T-60 5.6 Tackles For Loss 29 6.6
T-91 2.2 Sacks Allowed 54 1.6


Well, one thing it looks like the Buffs don't have to worry about too much this week is the rushing attack for the Jayhawks. Kansas currently ranks 96th in the nation, 4 spots worse than the CU rushing attack, averaging 118 yards/game. KU has average 3.3 y/c with Jack Sharpe getting the bulk of the carries last week as it has truly been a running back by committee between Sharp, Agnus Quigley and Jocques Crawford. And it is not as if the Jayhawks are trying to be a passing team exclusively as 46% of their total plays have been on the ground. Todd Reesing doesn't have great numbers rushing but it is his ability to keep the play alive that makes him dangerous.

The KU passing game is another story, currently ranked #6 in the nation, averaging 347 y/g. The emergence of WR Kerry Meier along with WR Dezmon Briscoe has lead to one of the more potent attacks in the nation. Meier currently ranks 11th among all WRs nationally and 3rd in the Big 12. But the offense all starts and stops with Todd Reesing. He currently ranks 4th in passing yards, 14th in passing efficiency and 3rd in total passing. He has completed 70.2% of his passes for 1,724 yards and 14 touchdowns. Yes, Kansas has only played South Florida thus far and barely squeaked out a win last week against Iowa State but these are impressive stats whoever you are playing. The key for the Buffs will be slowing down Todd Reesing and Kerry Meier. The Jayhawks have only given up 8 sacks this year, 2 came against South Florida who has a better defensive line than the Buffs. My biggest fear is that the Buffs will only rush four with the struggles Kansas has had running the ball and play a seven man zone. Reesing will tear that apart with his ability to scramble. The Buffs need to bring an extra guy from different spots on the field to show Reesing multiple looks. This CU defense should be experienced enough to handle a multiple defense and this is the week to use it with a win desperately needed.

The Buffs on offense need to establish a running game. In our Q&A session so far, it sounds like KU's defensive line is under performing compared to the rest of the defense. Getting a running game going would be extremely beneficial to Cody Hawkins. First it makes the defense key run which will open up the play action game and allow the Buffs to get the tight ends involved and the middle of the field opened up. If the Buffs can't run the ball and try to get in a shoot out, Hawkins will see the strong KU linebackers in his face all day.

More to come later this week on the game between Kansas and CU. If you have a question about Kansas, post in the Q&A here and Rock Chalk Talk will get you a good answer.


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